The WaSaBi Spirit –

Our Mission is to Initiate and Advance “Green Innovations” using

Water and Surface-active Molecules to Design  Bio-mimetic Devices.

Soap bubbles unite children of the world, irrespective of nationality, ethnicity and economic status, in thrill and in fun. We find it interesting that soap bubbles have also inspired scientific investigations and profound discoveries by some of the greatest minds of humanity, pioneers like Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, to name a few.

The Engineers’ definition of soap bubbles is: Easily and economically produced gas compartments, separated by flexible walls that are stabilized by self assembled soap molecules, sandwiching a nano-thin water core.

We scientifically explore the form of a soap bubble/film for emergent phenomena, and we design new functional soap molecules and associated devices with a goal of developing and introducing potentially  transformative technologies required for a carbon neutral second half of the century, as consented under the Paris Agreement.

We follow an Open Innovation policy.